If treatment hasn't worked…

Unfortunately, despite careful preparation and optimised treatment, pregnancy does not always occur. There may be a number of reasons for this …

  • Hormonal stimulation: this has had an insufficient or, in rare cases, too powerful effect. As a result, no or too few eggs can be retrieved.
  • Follicle: the follicles do not contain any eggs.
  • Egg cells: these are present, but not mature enough or cannot be fertilised.
  • Embryo: the fertilised egg does not develop into the embryo or the embryo does not develop normally.
  • Sperm cells: no sperm can be obtained (from ejaculate or testicular biopsy) or the quality of the sperm is insufficient.
  • Embryo transfer: the transferred embryos do not implant.

But all this is by no means a reason to give up. With each cycle, the likelihood of a successful pregnancy increases. The pregnancy success rate for IVF/ICSI treatment is approximately the same as that of a healthy couple.